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Get geographic market data:

Identify your company's growth potential across geographic areas. 

Discover new growth markets. Plan for your company's revenue growth.

Compare geographic opportunities, against customers and competitors.

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RealZips app for Salesforce
• Salesforce Sales Cloud
• Spreadsheet apps
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• CRM systems
• Database apps
• Datawarehouses
• Business Intel tools

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Leverage RealDatasets across:

Market analytics
• Competitive analytics
• Logistics optimization
• Data enrichment
• Marketing campaigns
• Sales territory planning
• Sales management
• Sales targeting

Customer Testimonials

My sales team doesn't go a day without checking their RealZips market data, looking for the best places to generate business.

A Casale

RealDatasets in the RealZips app for Salesforce simply guide our sales team to the best locations, enabling us to close more deals.

E Brickle

RealZips datasets gives us the tools to report demographic data, and target zip codes based on average income and population.

L Watson

Discover Total Addressable Market

Targeted marketing campaigns. Focused sales activities.

Uncover Opportunities

Find hidden market potential across sales territories

Find Hotspots across Markets

Compare market potential versus sales performance

Leverage Analytics for Growth

Integrate RealDatasets with CRM data. Accelerate Success.