NAICS 712110 Museums
NAICS 712110 Museums
NAICS 712110 Museums
NAICS 712110 Museums
NAICS 712110 Museums
NAICS 712110 Museums
NAICS 712110 Museums
NAICS 712110 Museums
NAICS 712110 Museums
NAICS 712110 Museums
NAICS 712110 Museums
NAICS 712110 Museums
NAICS 712110 Museums

NAICS 712110 Museums

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NAICS Category - Zip code count
(North American Industry Classification System)

  • RealDatasets NAICS 712110 Museums

Dataset Description

  • Count of all establishments (companies) by Zip code.
  • Establishments divided by number of employees.
  • Geographic levels: Zip, city, metro, county, state, census region and division.

Business Use Cases

  • Size your total addressable market (TAM) within this industry.
  • Identify geographical hotspots which you can use for targeted marketing and sales activities.
  • Optimize sales territories, based on geographic target count.
  • Compare market potential against existing customers.
  • Pinpoint competitive locations and set a competitive strategy.
  • Locate complementary locations and increase growth opportunity.

Mapping Apps

Use in Map Business Online, or any other mapping tool:

  • Compare existing customers against Zip code market potential.
  • Optimize sales territories, using heat maps based on NAICS market potential.
  • Overlay multiple NAICS RealDatasets to find hotspots across targeted industries, complementary locations and competitive locations.
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      Data Delivery Format

      Microsoft Excel with two tabs: data sheet and pivot analytics:

      • Tab 1: Sheet with Zip code records: sorting and filtering capabilities.
      • Tab 2: Pivot - Geographic drill-down: business count, and employee groupings.

      Spreadsheet Apps

      Run instant market analytics in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, OpenOffice, Apple Numbers, etc.:

      • Filter market potential by Zip, city, county, metropolitan area, state, etc.
      • Use included pivot analysis to drill down into market potential.
      • Create additional pivot analysis and charts to visualize your growth opportunity. 

        RealZips App for Salesforce

        • Add addressable market data to the RealZips App
        • Index zip codes based on market potential. 
        • Compare market potential against  customers, on any geographic level.
        • Combine with RealZips Distance data and pinpoint areas with top potential.
        • Run targeted marketing campaigns and sales activities.

          Business Intelligence Apps (BI Tools)

          Birst, Pentaho, Salesforce Einstein Analytics, SAP Crystal Reports, Tableau, Tibco, etc.:

          • Aggregate existing customers by zip code. 
          • Link to this RealDataset using Zip code as key. 
          • Compare market potential against customer count on a Zip code level. 
          • Identify zip codes with the highest market potential, and lowest number of customers. 
          • Focus marketing and sales across top zip codes, and accelerate revenue.

          Prepare for Data Purchases

          Use this dataset while acquiring full company and contact databases from your data providers:

          • Select Zip codes from this RealDataset with sufficient market opportunity.
          • Submit selected Zips to your data provider for record matching.
          • Make substantial savings by avoiding the cost buying data outside of your targeted areas.

          Data Schema (included data points)

          • Zip, City, County, MSA Metro, State, Census Region & Division
          • NAICS industry code and NAICS groupings.
          • RealZips Ext ID: for upload to RealZips app.
          • Establishments (company count by Zip).
          • 3 employee groupings: 1 to 49, 50 to 499, over 500.
          • 9 employee groupings: 1 to 4, 5 to 9, 10 to 19... over 1,000.

          Created Date and Source

          June 2017. US Census Bureau, 2012 Business Census.