RealZips GeoData - Italy 2-digit

RealZips GeoData - Italy 2-digit

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RealZips GeoData:
Dynamic 2-digit postal code metadata for Italy

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Last update: January 2023
Total number of records: 93

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RealZips GeoData Structure


RealZips Ext ID RZ-IT-00
Zip/Postal Code 00
City Rome
State Name Lazio
State LZ
Census Region Centre
MSA Code 58
MSA Metropolitan Lazio
Population 4297877
Latitude 41.8905568
Longitude 12.4942679
GeoLocation 41.8905568;12.4942679
Country Code IT
Country Italy
Currency Name Euro
Currency Code EUR
Language Main Italian
RealZip GeoLevel 2 Digit



Regional Data Structures

State Name State Census Region MSA Metropolitan
Abruzzi AB South Abruzzo
Basilicata BC South Basilicata
Calabria CI South Calabria
Campania CM South Campania
Emilia-Romagna ER North-East Emilia-Romagna
Friuli-Venezia Giulia FV North-East Friuli-Venezia Giulia
Lazio LZ Centre Lazio
Liguria LG North-West Liguria
Lombardia LM North-West Lombardy
Marche MH Centre Marche
Molise ML South Molise
Piemonte PM North-West Piedmont
Puglia PU South Apulia
Sardegna SD Insular Sardinia
Sicilia SC Insular Sicily
Toscana TC Centre Tuscany
Trentino-Alto Adige TT North-East Trentino-South Tyrol
Umbria UM Centre Umbria
Valle D'Aosta VD North-West Valle d'Aosta
Veneto VN North-East Veneto