RealZips GeoData - Japan 3-digit
RealZips GeoData - Japan 3-digit
RealZips GeoData - Japan 3-digit
RealZips GeoData - Japan 3-digit

RealZips GeoData - Japan 3-digit

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RealZips GeoData:

Dynamic postal code metadata for Japan, with full 3-digit  postal code records in Salesforce.

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Last update: Jan 2023
Total number of records: 947

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For RealZips Version 10.x and higher
(Supports automated assignments of Country Record Types)

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RealZips GeoData Structure

RealZips Ext ID RZ-JP-001
RealZip JP-001
Zip/Postal Code 001
Country Japan
Country Code JP
Census Region Hokkaido
Census Division Hokkaido
State Name Hokkaido
State 12
MSA Metropolitan Sapporo Shi
MSA Code 2128291
City Kita21-Jonishi
Latitude 42.8863
Longitude 143.4148
GeoLocation 42.8863;143.4148
Time Zone JST (GMT+9)
Time Zone Long (GMT +09:00) Japan Standard Time (Asia/Tokyo)
IMF Regional Group Asia and Pacific
IMF Region East Asia
Currency Name Japanese Yen
Currency Code JPY
Language Main Japanese
Country Calling Code 81
RealZip GeoLevel 3 Digit

RealZips GeoLevel Regions

Census Division State Name MSA Metropolitan
Hokkaido Hokkaido Sapporo Shi
Tohoku Akita Ken Akita Shi
Tohoku Akita Ken Yuzawa Shi
Tohoku Akita Ken Yokote Shi
Tohoku Akita Ken Daisen Shi
Tohoku Akita Ken Yurihonjo Shi
Tohoku Akita Ken Noshiro Shi
Tohoku Akita Ken Odate Shi
Tohoku Akita Ken Nikaho Shi
Tohoku Iwate Ken Morioka Shi
Tohoku Iwate Ken Ichinoseki Shi
Tohoku Iwate Ken Ofunato Shi
Tohoku Iwate Ken Oshu Shi
Tohoku Iwate Ken Kitakami Shi
Tohoku Iwate Ken Hanamaki Shi
Tohoku Iwate Ken Kamaishi Shi
Tohoku Iwate Ken Miyako Shi
Tohoku Iwate Ken Kuji Shi
Tohoku Aomori Ken Aomori Shi
Tohoku Aomori Ken Hachinohe Shi
Tohoku Aomori Ken Misawa Shi
Tohoku Aomori Ken Towada Shi
Tohoku Aomori Ken Shimokita Gun
Tohoku Aomori Ken Hirakawa Shi
Tohoku Aomori Ken Goshogawara Shi
Tohoku Aomori Ken Sannohe Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Hakodate Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Hiyama Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Abuta Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Iwanai Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Yoichi Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Otaru Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Suttsu Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Hokuto Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Muroran Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Date Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Tomakomai Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Yufutsu Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Saru Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Hidaka Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Urakawa Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Samani Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Noboribetsu Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Ishikari Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Chitose Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Ebetsu Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Iwamizawa Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Sorachi Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Asahikawa Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Bibai Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Takikawa Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Fukagawa Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Ashibetsu Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Furano Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Rumoi Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Obihiro Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Kamikawa Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Kasai Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Nakagawa Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Kushiro Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Nemuro Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Kitami Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Abashiri Gun
Hokkaido Hokkaido Abashiri Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Mombetsu Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Shibetsu Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Nayoro Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Wakkanai Shi
Hokkaido Hokkaido Mombetsu Gun
Kanto Tokyo To Chiyoda Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Chuo Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Minato Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Taito Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Bunkyo Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Kita Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Arakawa Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Adachi Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Katsushika Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Sumida Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Edogawa Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Koto Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Shinagawa Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Ota Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Shibuya Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Meguro Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Setagaya Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Shinjuku Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Nakano Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Suginami Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Toshima Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Itabashi Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Nerima Ku
Kanto Tokyo To Musashino Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Mitaka Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Chofu Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Fuchu Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Koganei Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Kokubunji Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Kunitachi Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Kodaira Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Nishitokyo Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Higashimurayama Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Tachikawa Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Hino Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Hachioji Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Machida Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Akishima Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Fussa Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Ome Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Komae Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Higashikurume Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Kiyose Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Hamura Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Tama Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Higashiyamato Shi
Kanto Tokyo To Musashimurayama Shi
Kanto Kanagawa Ken Kawasaki Shi
Kanto Kanagawa Ken Yokohama Shi
Kanto Kanagawa Ken Yokosuka Shi
Kanto Kanagawa Ken Yamato Shi
Kanto Kanagawa Ken Atsugi Shi
Kanto Kanagawa Ken Kamakura Shi
Kanto Kanagawa Ken Zushi Shi
Kanto Kanagawa Ken Odawara Shi
Kanto Kanagawa Ken Fujisawa Shi
Kanto Kanagawa Ken Zama Shi
Kanto Kanagawa Ken Chigasaki Shi
Kanto Kanagawa Ken Hiratsuka Shi
Kanto Kanagawa Ken Naka Gun
Kanto Kanagawa Ken Hadano Shi
Kanto Kanagawa Ken Ashigarakami Gun
Kanto Chiba Ken Chiba Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Matsudo Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Ichikawa Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Funabashi Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Narashino Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Yachiyo Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Kashiwa Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Noda Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Urayasu Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Narita Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Togane Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Yotsukaido Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Sakura Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Katori Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Choshi Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Ichihara Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Kisarazu Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Futtsu Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Tateyama Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Minamiboso Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Kamogawa Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Mobara Shi
Kanto Chiba Ken Isumi Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Tsuchiura Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Ryugasaki Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Toride Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Joso Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Shimotsuma Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Tsukuba Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Koga Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Yuki Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Chikusei Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Mito Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Naka Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Hitachinaka Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Hitachiota Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Kashima Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Ishioka Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Hitachi Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Takahagi Shi
Kanto Ibaraki Ken Omitama Shi
Kanto Tochigi Ken Utsunomiya Shi
Kanto Tochigi Ken Kanuma Shi
Kanto Tochigi Ken Oyama Shi
Kanto Tochigi Ken Otawara Shi
Kanto Tochigi Ken Nasu Gun
Kanto Tochigi Ken Ashikaga Shi
Kanto Tochigi Ken Sano Shi
Kanto Tochigi Ken Tochigi Shi
Kanto Tochigi Ken Shimotsuga Gun
Kanto Saitama Ken Saitama Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Kawaguchi Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Warabi Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Soka Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Misato Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Yoshikawa Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Koshigaya Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Kasukabe Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Kitakatsushika Gun
Kanto Saitama Ken Kuki Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Kazo Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Hanyu Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Hasuda Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Kawagoe Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Asaka Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Niiza Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Shiki Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Fujimi Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Higashimatsuyama Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Fujimino Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Hanno Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Iruma Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Tokorozawa Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Kumagaya Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Gyoda Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Ageo Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Okegawa Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Kitamoto Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Konosu Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Fukaya Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Honjo Shi
Kanto Saitama Ken Chichibu Shi
Kanto Gunma Ken Takasaki Shi
Kanto Gunma Ken Maebashi Shi
Kanto Gunma Ken Isesaki Shi
Kanto Gunma Ken Ota Shi
Kanto Gunma Ken Tatebayashi Shi
Kanto Gunma Ken Fujioka Shi
Kanto Gunma Ken Kiryu Shi
Kanto Gunma Ken Shibukawa Shi
Kanto Gunma Ken Numata Shi
Kanto Gunma Ken Annaka Shi
Chubu Nagano Ken Nagano Shi
Chubu Nagano Ken Suzaka Shi
Chubu Nagano Ken Nakano Shi
Chubu Nagano Ken Komoro Shi
Chubu Nagano Ken Saku Shi
Chubu Nagano Ken Ueda Shi
Chubu Nagano Ken Chikuma Shi
Chubu Nagano Ken Kitasaku Gun
Chubu Nagano Ken Matsumoto Shi
Chubu Nagano Ken Chino Shi
Chubu Nagano Ken Suwa Shi
Chubu Nagano Ken Suwa Gun
Chubu Nagano Ken Okaya Shi
Chubu Nagano Ken Iida Shi
Chubu Nagano Ken Ina Shi
Chubu Nagano Ken Kiso Gun
Chubu Nagano Ken Omachi Shi
Chubu Yamanashi Ken Kofu Shi
Chubu Yamanashi Ken Otsuki Shi
Chubu Yamanashi Ken Tsuru Shi
Chubu Yamanashi Ken Fujiyoshida Shi
Chubu Yamanashi Ken Yamanashi Shi
Chubu Yamanashi Ken Fuefuki Shi
Chubu Yamanashi Ken Nirasaki Shi
Chubu Yamanashi Ken Hokuto Shi
Chubu Yamanashi Ken Uenohara Shi
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Numazu Shi
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Tagata Gun
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Gotemba Shi
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Atami Shi
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Ito Shi
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Shimoda Shi
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Fuji Shi
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Fujinomiya Shi
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Shizuoka Shi
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Yaizu Shi
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Fujieda Shi
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Shimada Shi
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Hamamatsu Shi
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Kakegawa Shi
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Fukuroi Shi
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Iwata Shi
Chubu Shizuoka Ken Kikugawa Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Toyohashi Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Toyokawa Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Gamagori Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Okazaki Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Nishio Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Anjo Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Hekinan Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Kariya Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Kitashitara Gun
Chubu Aichi Ken Nagoya Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Kiyosu Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Nisshin Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Toyota Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Chiryu Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Obu Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Handa Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Tokai Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Chita Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Tokoname Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Niwa Gun
Chubu Aichi Ken Kitanagoya Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Iwakura Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Konan Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Inuyama Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Komaki Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Kasugai Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Owariasahi Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Seto Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Ama Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Ichinomiya Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Inazawa Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Tsushima Shi
Chubu Aichi Ken Yatomi Shi
Chubu Gifu Ken Gifu Shi
Chubu Gifu Ken Ogaki Shi
Chubu Gifu Ken Kakamigahara Shi
Chubu Gifu Ken Minokamo Shi
Chubu Gifu Ken Takayama Shi
Chubu Gifu Ken Tajimi Shi
Chubu Gifu Ken Nakatsugawa Shi
Kansai Mie Ken Yokkaichi Shi
Kansai Mie Ken Kuwana Shi
Kansai Mie Ken Suzuka Shi
Kansai Mie Ken Tsu Shi
Kansai Mie Ken Matsusaka Shi
Kansai Mie Ken Ise Shi
Kansai Mie Ken Toba Shi
Kansai Mie Ken Iga Shi
Kansai Mie Ken Kameyama Shi
Kansai Shiga Ken Otsu Shi
Kansai Shiga Ken Maibara Shi
Kansai Shiga Ken Hikone Shi
Kansai Shiga Ken Omihachiman Shi
Kansai Shiga Ken Moriyama Shi
Kansai Shiga Ken Kusatsu Shi
Kansai Shiga Ken Nagahama Shi
Kansai Shiga Ken Higashiomi Shi
Kansai Shiga Ken Koka Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Osaka Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Izumisano Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Toyonaka Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Mino Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Ikeda Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Suita Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Settsu Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Ibaraki Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Takatsuki Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Moriguchi Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Kadoma Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Neyagawa Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Hirakata Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Daito Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Shijonawate Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Katano Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Higashiosaka Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Matsubara Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Yao Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Kashiwara Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Fujiidera Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Tondabayashi Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Minamikawachi Gun
Kansai Osaka Fu Kawachinagano Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Sakai Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Osakasayama Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Takaishi Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Izumi Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Izumiotsu Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Kishiwada Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Kaizuka Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Hannan Shi
Kansai Kyoto Fu Kyoto Shi
Kansai Kyoto Fu Joyo Shi
Kansai Kyoto Fu Uji Shi
Kansai Kyoto Fu Kuse Gun
Kansai Kyoto Fu Yawata Shi
Kansai Kyoto Fu Muko Shi
Kansai Osaka Fu Mishima Gun
Kansai Kyoto Fu Kizugawa Shi
Kansai Kyoto Fu Fukuchiyama Shi
Kansai Kyoto Fu Kameoka Shi
Kansai Kyoto Fu Nantan Shi
Kansai Kyoto Fu Ayabe Shi
Kansai Kyoto Fu Maizuru Shi
Kansai Kyoto Fu Miyazu Shi
Kansai Kyoto Fu Kyotango Shi
Kansai Nara Ken Ikoma Shi
Kansai Nara Ken Nara Shi
Kansai Nara Ken Tenri Shi
Kansai Nara Ken Sakurai Shi
Kansai Nara Ken Kashihara Shi
Kansai Nara Ken Yamatotakada Shi
Kansai Nara Ken Kitakatsuragi Gun
Kansai Nara Ken Gojo Shi
Kansai Nara Ken Yoshino Gun
Kansai Wakayama Ken Wakayama Shi
Kansai Wakayama Ken Kainan Shi
Kansai Wakayama Ken Arida Gun
Kansai Wakayama Ken Gobo Shi
Kansai Wakayama Ken Hidaka Gun
Kansai Wakayama Ken Tanabe Shi
Kansai Wakayama Ken Shingu Shi
Kansai Wakayama Ken Hashimoto Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Kobe Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Sumoto Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Ashiya Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Amagasaki Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Nishinomiya Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Itami Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Takarazuka Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Kawanishi Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Yabu Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Toyoka Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Himeji Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Akashi Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Kakogawa Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Takasago Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Nishiwaki Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Aioi Shi
Kansai Hyogo Ken Kasai Shi
Chugoku Tottori Ken Tottori Shi
Chugoku Tottori Ken Iwami Gun
Chugoku Tottori Ken Kurayoshi Shi
Chugoku Tottori Ken Yonago Shi
Chugoku Tottori Ken Sakaiminato Shi
Chugoku Shimane Ken Oki Gun
Chugoku Shimane Ken Matsue Shi
Chugoku Shimane Ken Izumo Shi
Chugoku Shimane Ken Yasugi Shi
Chugoku Shimane Ken Oda Shi
Chugoku Shimane Ken Gotsu Shi
Chugoku Shimane Ken Ochi Gun
Chugoku Shimane Ken Hamada Shi
Chugoku Shimane Ken Masuda Shi
Chugoku Okayama Ken Okayama Shi
Chugoku Okayama Ken Kurashiki Shi
Chugoku Okayama Ken Bizen Shi
Chugoku Okayama Ken Tamano Shi
Chugoku Okayama Ken Mimasaka Shi
Chugoku Okayama Ken Tsuyama Shi
Chugoku Okayama Ken Kasaoka Shi
Chugoku Okayama Ken Ibara Shi
Chugoku Okayama Ken Takahashi Shi
Chugoku Okayama Ken Maniwa Shi
Chugoku Okayama Ken Niimi Shi
Chugoku Okayama Ken Asakuchi Shi
Chugoku Hiroshima Ken Fukuyama Shi
Chugoku Hiroshima Ken Onomichi Shi
Chugoku Hiroshima Ken Mihara Shi
Chugoku Hiroshima Ken Takehara Shi
Chugoku Hiroshima Ken Fuchu Shi
Chugoku Hiroshima Ken Shobara Shi
Chugoku Hiroshima Ken Miyoshi Shi
Chugoku Hiroshima Ken Hiroshima Shi
Chugoku Hiroshima Ken Aki Gun
Chugoku Hiroshima Ken Kure Shi
Chugoku Hiroshima Ken Hatsukaichi Shi
Chugoku Hiroshima Ken Higashihiroshima Shi
Chugoku Yamaguchi Ken Iwakuni Shi
Chugoku Yamaguchi Ken Yanai Shi
Chugoku Yamaguchi Ken Hikari Shi
Chugoku Yamaguchi Ken Kudamatsu Shi
Chugoku Yamaguchi Ken Shunan Shi
Chugoku Yamaguchi Ken Hofu Shi
Chugoku Yamaguchi Ken Shimonoseki Shi
Chugoku Yamaguchi Ken Yamaguchi Shi
Chugoku Yamaguchi Ken Ube Shi
Chugoku Yamaguchi Ken Sanyoonoda Shi
Chugoku Yamaguchi Ken Hagi Shi
Shikoku Kagawa Ken Takamatsu Shi
Shikoku Kagawa Ken Sakaide Shi
Shikoku Kagawa Ken Marugame Shi
Shikoku Kagawa Ken Nakatado Gun
Shikoku Kagawa Ken Zentsuji Shi
Shikoku Kagawa Ken Mitoyo Shi
Shikoku Kagawa Ken Kanonji Shi
Shikoku Tokushima Ken Tokushima Shi
Shikoku Tokushima Ken Naruto Shi
Shikoku Tokushima Ken Komatsushima Shi
Shikoku Tokushima Ken Anan Shi
Shikoku Tokushima Ken Kaifu Gun
Shikoku Tokushima Ken Yoshinogawa Shi
Shikoku Tokushima Ken Mima Shi
Shikoku Tokushima Ken Miyoshi Shi
Shikoku Tokushima Ken Itano Gun
Shikoku Kochi Ken Kochi Shi
Shikoku Kochi Ken Kami Shi
Shikoku Kochi Ken Nankoku Shi
Shikoku Kochi Ken Aki Shi
Shikoku Kochi Ken Susaki Shi
Shikoku Kochi Ken Takaoka Gun
Shikoku Kochi Ken Shimanto Shi
Shikoku Kochi Ken Sukumo Shi
Shikoku Kochi Ken Nagaoka Gun
Shikoku Ehime Ken Matsuyama Shi
Shikoku Ehime Ken Niihama Shi
Shikoku Ehime Ken Saijo Shi
Shikoku Ehime Ken Imabari Shi
Shikoku Ehime Ken Ozu Shi
Shikoku Ehime Ken Yawatahama Shi
Shikoku Ehime Ken Seiyo Shi
Shikoku Ehime Ken Uwajima Shi
Shikoku Ehime Ken Shikokuchuo Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Kitakyushu Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Onga Gun
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Nakama Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Fukuoka Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Kasuya Gun
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Kasuga Shi
Kyushu Nagasaki Ken Tsushima Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Chikushino Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Iizuka Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Kama Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Nogata Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Miyawaka Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Yukuhashi Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Tagawa Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Tagawa Gun
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Buzen Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Chikujo Gun
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Kurume Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Okawa Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Yanagawa Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Chikugo Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Yame Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Miyama Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Omuta Shi
Kyushu Fukuoka Ken Asakura Shi
Kyushu Saga Ken Saga Shi
Kyushu Saga Ken Tosu Shi
Kyushu Saga Ken Kanzaki Shi
Kyushu Saga Ken Takeo Shi
Kyushu Saga Ken Nishimatsura Gun
Kyushu Saga Ken Ogi Shi
Kyushu Saga Ken Taku Shi
Kyushu Saga Ken Karatsu Shi
Kyushu Saga Ken Imari Shi
Kyushu Saga Ken Miyaki Gun
Kyushu Nagasaki Ken Nagasaki Shi
Kyushu Nagasaki Ken Goto Shi
Kyushu Nagasaki Ken Isahaya Shi
Kyushu Nagasaki Ken Shimabara Shi
Kyushu Nagasaki Ken Omura Shi
Kyushu Nagasaki Ken Sasebo Shi
Kyushu Kumamoto Ken Kumamoto Shi
Kyushu Kumamoto Ken Amakusa Shi
Kyushu Kumamoto Ken Arao Shi
Kyushu Kumamoto Ken Tamana Shi
Kyushu Kumamoto Ken Yatsushiro Shi
Kyushu Kumamoto Ken Minamata Shi
Kyushu Kumamoto Ken Hitoyoshi Shi
Kyushu Kumamoto Ken Tamana Gun
Kyushu Oita Ken Oita Shi
Kyushu Oita Ken Nakatsu Shi
Kyushu Oita Ken Usa Shi
Kyushu Oita Ken Kitsuki Shi
Kyushu Oita Ken Beppu Shi
Kyushu Oita Ken Usuki Shi
Kyushu Oita Ken Saiki Shi
Kyushu Oita Ken Hita Shi
Kyushu Oita Ken Taketa Shi
Kyushu Miyazaki Ken Miyazaki Shi
Kyushu Miyazaki Ken Saito Shi
Kyushu Miyazaki Ken Nobeoka Shi
Kyushu Miyazaki Ken Hyuga Shi
Kyushu Miyazaki Ken Koyu Gun
Kyushu Miyazaki Ken Miyakonojo Shi
Kyushu Miyazaki Ken Kobayashi Shi
Kyushu Miyazaki Ken Nichinan Shi
Kyushu Miyazaki Ken Kushima Shi
Kyushu Kagoshima Ken Kagoshima Shi
Kyushu Kagoshima Ken Kanoya Shi
Kyushu Kagoshima Ken Amami Shi
Kyushu Kagoshima Ken Satsumasendai Shi
Kyushu Kagoshima Ken Ichikikushikino Shi
Kyushu Kagoshima Ken Minamisatsuma Shi
Kyushu Kagoshima Ken Makurazaki Shi
Kyushu Kagoshima Ken Izumi Shi
Kyushu Okinawa Ken Naha Shi
Kyushu Okinawa Ken Nakagami Gun
Kyushu Okinawa Ken Okinawa Shi
Kyushu Okinawa Ken Nago Shi
Kyushu Okinawa Ken Miyakojima Shi
Kyushu Okinawa Ken Ishigaki Shi
Chubu Fukui Ken Fukui Shi
Chubu Fukui Ken Katsuyama Shi
Chubu Fukui Ken Ono Shi
Chubu Fukui Ken Sakai Shi
Chubu Fukui Ken Tsuruga Shi
Chubu Fukui Ken Echizen Shi
Chubu Fukui Ken Sabae Shi
Chubu Fukui Ken Obama Shi
Chubu Fukui Ken Nanjo Gun
Chubu Ishikawa Ken Kanazawa Shi
Chubu Ishikawa Ken Kaga Shi
Chubu Ishikawa Ken Komatsu Shi
Chubu Ishikawa Ken Hakusan Shi
Chubu Ishikawa Ken Hakui Shi
Chubu Ishikawa Ken Nanao Shi
Chubu Ishikawa Ken Hosu Gun
Chubu Ishikawa Ken Wajima Shi
Chubu Ishikawa Ken Nomi Shi
Chubu Toyama Ken Toyama Shi
Chubu Toyama Ken Oyabe Shi
Chubu Toyama Ken Takaoka Shi
Chubu Toyama Ken Imizu Shi
Chubu Toyama Ken Himi Shi
Chubu Toyama Ken Namerikawa Shi
Chubu Toyama Ken Uozu Shi
Chubu Toyama Ken Kurobe Shi
Chubu Niigata Ken Nagaoka Shi
Chubu Niigata Ken Itoigawa Shi
Chubu Niigata Ken Joetsu Shi
Chubu Niigata Ken Myoko Shi
Chubu Niigata Ken Kashiwazaki Shi
Chubu Niigata Ken Uonuma Shi
Chubu Niigata Ken Ojiya Shi
Chubu Niigata Ken Tokamachi Shi
Chubu Niigata Ken Niigata Shi
Chubu Niigata Ken Sado Shi
Chubu Niigata Ken Mitsuke Shi
Chubu Niigata Ken Sanjo Shi
Chubu Niigata Ken Shibata Shi
Chubu Niigata Ken Murakami Shi
Chubu Niigata Ken Tsubame Shi
Tohoku Fukushima Ken Fukushima Shi
Tohoku Fukushima Ken Shirakawa Shi
Tohoku Fukushima Ken Sukagawa Shi
Tohoku Fukushima Ken Koriyama Shi
Tohoku Fukushima Ken Nihommatsu Shi
Tohoku Fukushima Ken Aizuwakamatsu Shi
Tohoku Fukushima Ken Kitakata Shi
Tohoku Fukushima Ken Minamiaizu Gun
Tohoku Fukushima Ken Onuma Gun
Tohoku Fukushima Ken Nishishirakawa Gun
Tohoku Fukushima Ken Iwaki Shi
Tohoku Fukushima Ken Minamisoma Shi
Tohoku Fukushima Ken Soma Shi
Tohoku Miyagi Ken Sendai Shi
Tohoku Miyagi Ken Miyagi Gun
Tohoku Miyagi Ken Shiogama Shi
Tohoku Miyagi Ken Ishinomaki Shi
Tohoku Miyagi Ken Toda Gun
Tohoku Miyagi Ken Kesennuma Shi
Tohoku Miyagi Ken Shiroishi Shi
Tohoku Yamagata Ken Yamagata Shi
Tohoku Yamagata Ken Sagae Shi
Tohoku Yamagata Ken Yonezawa Shi
Tohoku Yamagata Ken Nagai Shi
Tohoku Yamagata Ken Tendo Shi
Tohoku Yamagata Ken Murayama Shi
Tohoku Yamagata Ken Shinjo Shi
Tohoku Yamagata Ken Tsuruoka Shi
Tohoku Yamagata Ken Sakata Shi
Tohoku Yamagata Ken Higashiokitama Gun