RealZips GeoData - Spain 2-digit

RealZips GeoData - Spain 2-digit

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RealZips GeoData:
Dynamic 2-digit postal code metadata for Spain

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Last update: January 2023
Total number of records: 52

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RealZips GeoData Structure


RealZips Ext ID RZ-ES-01
Name ES-01
Zip/Postal Code 01
City Vitoria-Gasteiz
State Name Pais Vasco
State PV
County Álava
Census Region Basque Community
Population 321417
Latitude 42.85
Longitude -2.6727
GeoLocation 42.85;-2.6727
Country Code ES
Country Spain
Currency Name Euro
Currency Code EUR
RealZip GeoLevel 2 Digit

Regional Data Structures

State Name State County Census Region
Pais Vasco PV Álava Basque Community
Castilla - La Mancha CM Albacete Castile–La Mancha
Comunidad Valenciana VC Alicante Valencian Community
Andalucia AN Almería Andalusia
Castilla - Leon CL Ávila Castile and León
Extremadura EX Badajoz Extremadura
Baleares IB Baleares Balearic Islands
Cataluna CT Barcelona Catalonia
Castilla - Leon CL Burgos Castile and León
Extremadura EX Cáceres Extremadura
Andalucia AN Cádiz Andalusia
Comunidad Valenciana VC Castellón Valencian Community
Castilla - La Mancha CM Ciudad Real Castile–La Mancha
Andalucia AN Córdoba Andalusia
Galicia GA A Coruña Galicia
Castilla - La Mancha CM Cuenca Castile–La Mancha
Cataluna CT Girona Catalonia
Andalucia AN Granada Andalusia
Castilla - La Mancha CM Guadalajara Castile–La Mancha
Pais Vasco PV Guipúzcoa Basque Community
Andalucia AN Huelva Andalusia
Aragon AR Huesca Aragon
Andalucia AN Jaén Andalusia
Castilla - Leon CL León Castile and León
Cataluna CT Lleida Catalonia
La Rioja RI La Rioja La Rioja
Galicia GA Lugo Galicia
Madrid MD Madrid Madrid
Andalucia AN Málaga Andalusia
Murcia MC Murcia Murcia
Navarra NC Navarra Navarre
Galicia GA Ourense Galicia
Asturias AS Asturias Asturias
Castilla - Leon CL Palencia Castile and León
Canarias CN Las Palmas Canary Islands
Galicia GA Pontevedra Galicia
Castilla - Leon CL Salamanca Castile and León
Canarias CN Santa Cruz de Tenerife Canary Islands
Cantabria CB Cantabria Cantabria
Castilla - Leon CL Segovia Castile and León
Andalucia AN Sevilla Andalusia
Castilla - Leon CL Soria Castile and León
Cataluna CT Tarragona Catalonia
Aragon AR Teruel Aragon
Castilla - La Mancha CM Toledo Castile–La Mancha
Comunidad Valenciana VC Valencia Valencian Community
Castilla - Leon CL Valladolid Castile and León
Pais Vasco PV Vizcaya Basque Community
Castilla - Leon CL Zamora Castile and León
Aragon AR Zaragoza Aragon
Ceuta CE Ceuta Plazas de soberanía
Melilla ML Melilla Melilla