RealZips GeoData - United States

RealZips GeoData - United States

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RealZips app - 5-digit Zip code metadata for the United States

Last update: Nov 2023

Field added for RealZips Ver 11.x:
Field added for RealZips Ver 12.x: 'City Alternatives'
Field name changes for Ver 15.x: 'State/Province', 'State/Province Name'

Total number of records: 42,083.

Includes retired Zip codes, for legacy references.
For RealZips Version 5.2 and higher, with "US-" prefixes.

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Drill-down GeoData Structure

  • Country
  • Census Division
  • Census Region
  • State / State Name
  • County / County State
  • MSA Metropolitan
  • City
  • Zip3
  • Zip code

Zip code data enrichment 

  • Area code
  • BEA Region
  • BLS Region
  • CBSA Code
  • CBSA Name
  • CBSA Type
  • Court of Appeals
  • CSA Code
  • CSA Name
  • Federal Reserve Bank Branch
  • Federal Reserve Bank District
  • FEMA Region
  • FIPS County
  • FIPS State
  • Freddie Mac Region
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • GeoLocation
  • MSA Code
  • Time Zone
  • Time Zone Long
  • Time Zone DST

Google AdWords data points

  • Google DMA Region Name
  • Google DMA Region Code
  • Google Criteria
  • Similar to Nielsen DMAs (Designated Market Areas)

Market potential / Total Addressable Market

  • B2B Business -  addressable market data points
  • B2C Consumer - addressable data points

Global GeoData structure

  • Country
  • Country ISO
  • IMF Region
  • Unique global postal code identifier