RealZips State Regions - Free Maps
RealZips State Regions - Free Maps
RealZips State Regions - Free Maps
RealZips State Regions - Free Maps
RealZips State Regions - Free Maps
RealZips State Regions - Free Maps
RealZips State Regions - Free Maps

RealZips State Regions - Free Maps

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Maps of
State Region Division of US ZIP codes

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Automatically divide your customer data in Salesforce by 120+ pre-defined State Regions. 

Use Cases

  • Create sub-regions of States
  • Plan future territories
  • Optimize exiting territories
  • Analyze customer data 

Instant analytics and territory scenariors

Add the State Region dataset to your RealZips app in minutes, and start analyzing your existing customer data. Compare market potential versus sales data. Take the guesswork out of defining territories.

Proven geographic data structure

This particular State Region dataset is built on 25+ years experience of territory modeling. Organizations across all industries face the same challenge: figuring out how to make territory changes.

This dataset removes the complexity of territory modeling, while potentially saving your team hundreds of hours in the process.

Simplify territory modeling

  • Expand from 10 to 20 sales territories
  • Add 30 partner territories across best-fit markets
  • Divide California into 3 viable territories
  • Break up Texas into 5 territories, based on logistics challenges
  • Model scenarios for 30 / 50 / 75 / 100 sales territories

State Regions included

@ No State District
Alabama North - Birmingham
Alabama South - Montgomery
Alaska - All
Arizona Central - Phoenix
Arizona North - Flagstaff
Arizona South - Tucson
Arkansas North - Little Rock
Arkansas South - Pine Bluff
California Central - Sacramento
California North - Redding
California North - San Francisco
California South - Los Angeles
California South - Orange and San Diego
Colorado NorthEast - Denver
Colorado SouthEast - Colorado Springs
Colorado West - Aspen
Connecticut North - Hartford
Connecticut SouthEast - New London
Connecticut SouthWest - Stamford
Delaware - Wilmington
Florida Central - Orlando
Florida NorthEast - Jacksonville
Florida NorthWest - Tallahasee
Florida South - Miami
Georgia North - Atlanta
Georgia South - Macon
Hawaii - All
Idaho North - Lewiston
Idaho South - Boise
Illinois Central - Chicago
Illinois South - Joliet
Illinois West - Springfield
Indiana North - Fort Wayne
Indiana South - Indianapolis
Iowa North - Cedar Rapids
Iowa South - Des Moines
Kansas East - Wichita
Kansas West - Dodge City
Kentucky East - Lexington
Kentucky West - Bowling Green
Louisiana North - Shreveport
Louisiana South - New Orleans
Maine North - Bangor
Maine South - Portland
Maryland Central - Baltimore
Maryland East - Salisburg
Maryland West - Hagerstown
Massachusetts Central - Worcester
Massachusetts NorthEast - Boston
Massachusetts SouthEast - Quincy
Massachusetts West - Springfield
Michigan East - Detroit
Michigan North - Mt Pleasant
Michigan West - Lansing
Minnesota North - Alexandria
Minnesota South - Minneapolis St Paul
Mississippi North - Jackson
Mississippi South - Hattiesburg
Missouri East - St Louis
Missouri West - Kansas City
Montana East - Billings
Montana West - Helena
Nebraska East - Lincoln
Nebraska West - North Platte
Nevada North - Reno
Nevada South - Las Vegas
New Hampshire North - Conway
New Hampshire South - Portsmouth
New Jersey North - Newark
New Jersey South - Atlantic City
New Mexico North - Albuquerque
New Mexico South - Roswell
New York - Kings and Queens
New York - Long Island
New York - New York City
New York - White Plains
New York NorthEast - Albany
New York NorthWest - Buffalo
North Carolina Central - Greensboro
North Carolina East - Raleigh
North Carolina West - Charlotte
North Dakota East - Fargo
North Dakota West - Bismarck
Ohio North - Cleveland
Ohio SouthEast - Columbus
Ohio SouthWest - Cincinnati
Oklahoma East - Tulsa
Oklohoma - Oklahoma City
Oregon East - Bend
Oregon SouthWest - Eugene
Oregon West - Portland
Pennslyvania South - Philadelphia
Pennsylvania Central - Harrisburg
Pennsylvania East - Allentown
Pennsylvania West - Pittsburgh
Puerto Rico - All
Rhode Island - Providence
South Carolina NorthWest - Columbia
South Carolina SouthEast - Charleston
South Dakota East - Sioux Falls
South Dakota West - Rapid City
Tennessee East - Knoxville
Tennessee West - Nashville
Texas Central - Austin
Texas NorthEast - Dallas
Texas NorthWest - Amarillo
Texas South - San Antonio
Texas SouthEast - Houston
Texas West - El Paso
Utah North - Salt Lake City
Utah South - Richfield
Vermont North - Montpelier
Vermont South - Rutland
Virginia NorthWest - Fredericksburg
Virginia SouthEast - Richmond
Virginia West - Roanoke
Washington DC
Washington East - Spokane
Washington Northeast - Seattle
Washington South - Yakima
West Virginia - Charleston
Wisconsin North - Eau Claire
Wisconsin South - Milwaukee
Wyoming North - Casper
Wyoming South - Cheyenne