US Fire Departments
US Fire Departments
US Fire Departments

US Fire Departments

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United States Fire Departments

  • RealDataset for upload into Salesforce / RealZips.
  • Records can be uploaded as RealLocations or as Accounts.
  • Extract zip-code based metrics, and upload into RealZips object
  • Dataset preparation date: Aug 2023
  • Total number of fire station records: 27,175
  • Total number of Zip code-based metrics records: 20,785

Sample Use Cases:

  • Correlate each record in Salesforce with the Closest Fire Station
  • Provide Fire Stations within 10 miles from any location

File name:
RealDatasets United States Fire Departments 2023-08

Salesforce and RealZips app:

Enrich your RealZips app for Salesforce CRM with deep  contextual and demographic data, used to identify where to find and serve your target audiences. Relate Salesforce records to deep ACS data. Make better strategic decisions. Run geo-targeted marketing campaigns and sales activities.

Sourcing and data preparation:

Sourced from FEMA, and prepared to used in the RealZips GeoData Platform for Salesforce. Data has been improved to include leading zero in postal codes. Database is organized by "County ST" identifiers. 


Datapoints summarized by Zip code

  • RealZips Ext ID
  • Sum of Number Of Stations
  • Sum of Active Firefighters - Career
  • Sum of Active Firefighters - Volunteer
  • Sum of Active Firefighters - Paid per Call

Datapoints for each fire department record


  • RealZips Ext ID
  • FDID
  • Fire Department Name
  • HQ addr1
  • HQ addr2
  • HQ city
  • HQ state
  • HQ zip
  • HQ country
  • Mail addr1
  • Mail addr2
  • Mail PO box
  • Mail city
  • Mail state
  • Mail zip
  • Mail country
  • HQ phone
  • HQ fax
  • County
  • County ST
  • Dept Type
  • Organization Type
  • Website
  • Number Of Stations
  • Active Firefighters - Career
  • Active Firefighters - Volunteer
  • Active Firefighters - Paid per Call
  • Non-Firefighting - Civilian
  • Non-Firefighting - Volunteer
  • Primary agency for emergency mgmt